Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well, I havent been on here in a VERY VERY long time, I have been using myspace account more to keep everyone updated . Hmmm To play catch up real quick, we are all doing good :) Austin is in pre-school and doing about 100 times better than last year. He really loves going and gets xcited about everything thing he is learning. I can't beleive next year it is kindegarden ( did I spell that right). Abigail is a little bruiser!!! She is such a tough little girl. She is sooooo happy, but she is quite he screamer, if is a bit tough to deal with. As she is learning to express herself better the screaming is less and less. I have homework that I should be doing, but I will try to get on here and and write more!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Friday, February 9, 2007

See, they DO get along sometimes.

This was one of the rare moments were my children were actually getting along with each other. But of course, it quickly ended after the hug ,when Austin decided that he needed to squeeze the heck out of Abigail. Oh, brother and sister love, I now know what me and my brother used to put our mom threw. I am sorry mom :)


Austin has been going to pre-school the past few weeks, at first it was kinda rough, but he is starting to go with out a fight. His class is very small, so he is more comfortable than the last program he was in. His new best friend is Kai. He still insists that he will NOT do circle time. He must be paying attention though because I heard him in his room saying the pledge of allegiance.

Abigail and her Baby Blues

I sure hope she keeps those eyes. Abigail is quite the little bruiser these days. She is 3 years younger than Austin and almost weighs as much. She reminds me of a little power lifter. I keep telling Austin that soon she is going to start fighting back. This little one has no fear, I found her on top of the piano today. She will climb anything, baby gates are becoming useless. I can't believe she hasn't needed stiches yet.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Austin's Birthday!!

Austin had his FOURTH Birthday the other day. I can't believe he is Four years old!! It is amazing how fast time goes. He is such an amazing little man. Right before he blew out his candle he muttered under his breath "I wish I could fly" it was very sweet. Besides having to go to the "sticken Dr" (in Austin's words), he had a Great day full of Superman and Spiderman.

The Dusseaults

Hello Everyone, Since I have no time to actually email everyone, I decided to start this web site to make an attempt to keep everyone updated on whats going on up here. Lets see if I actually maintain it. Put it in your favorites and check on my progress!! Take care!!!